Jan 2014

separate entry

There is an awkwardness in showing work that never feels quite over. It is similar to what the host of a party feels when she is still cleaning and cooking as the guests arrive, and continues to work until things are as she imagines they would be.

The shift in tense here is summary enough: present simple, present simple, infinitive, infinitive, present simple, present simple, infinitive, present simple, present simple, conditional.

(Portina Réalle, 1998)

Eulogy for PB

Paddington Bear was a shaman.
No one knew that but me.
He could hold you in a trance for weeks
feeding you sugar and silver paint

He was an angry bear
and he used to speak ill of the wildlife elite.
He kept a vow of silence on weekends
but he never remembered to buy milk

Paddington Bear was my lover once.
We shared a bed in Warsaw, Indiana
He held my hand while he told me stories
about Curious George and his shyster friends.

Tweaker mutts pinched all his money
on a trip to the zoo one spring.
They left him in the frog pavilion
cuffed to a sign about ponds.

What I remember most about Paddy
was his friendly mumble and distaste of stout.
He tried very hard to control his anger
shunning profanity, flautists and red.

Jan Van Strydonk Cob, Nickel Beach, Port-Colborne, 2001