Jun 2014


A conversation between 4 people

In a room in Mervent en Vendée.
We scoff at the défaut
Drinking pilsner and drawing out
our plans on Monforte labels.

“Une victoire par défaut!”
We scream and crack with laughter.
Overheard by cassette recorder -
a container that fails to preserve.

Dear content,
you will outpace invisible templates.
Render aporia
an outline of infra_legible code.

Many attempts do not.
But flatten, lift and flatten.
Flatten, lift
and flatten more.

A cutting
performs new site
claiming another surface
in visible detail.

To choose is not a playable verb.
It is a number for measure.
Lining up in tenses
all passed over.

Will a method actor
please perform from memory
The Resistance of that Limit?
That limit.
That limit.
That one.
That one.
That one.
That one.
That one.

(Scall Winters, 1996)